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Paul Kinsella's Major Websites:

Funny Cartoons

Paul Kinsella's cartoons have been published in magazines such as "Boy's Life", "National Review" and the "Saturday Evening Post". His cartoon panel, originally called "The Loose End", also appeared six days a week in the "Belleville News Democrat" for over a year. It is Paul's hope that the power of the internet and quality of his work, will one day gain him the attention of a major cartoon syndicate. Below are the top 3 entrance pages to's funny cartoon gallery:

Stickman Mysteries

As a way to promote his cartoons, Paul Kinsella created the "Stickman Murder Mystery Games" (an interactive cartoon murder mystery game where players become homicide detectives in the town of "Stickville"). He originally intended the interactive game to be a small addition to the main site. However, the mysteries soon became so popular that Kinsella decided to take a break from cartooning and began devoting most of his time to expanding the game. Now there are five separate murder mysteries for visitors to play: "Stabbing in Stickville", "Drowning in Stickville",  "Arson in Stickville", "Cadaver at Stickville Dump" and "Manslaughter in Stickville". At this time Kinsella is creating a sixth Stickman Murder Mystery. His work on this project has been temporarily delayed, but he has every intention of resuming work on this new mystery soon. The 2 main entrance pages to the Stickman Murder Mysteries are listed below:

Cheap Poster Search

Paul Kinsella created his online poster shop to make a profit off the traffic and page rank gained from 
his and Stickman Murder Mystery Game sites. The "Stickville Poster Shop" is actually
a collection of over 100 smaller sites, spread out over 5 domain names, that are connected together into one large mega-site. Links to the 3 main entrance pages to "Cheap Poster Search" are listed below followed by 8 of its more popular pages:

Afterlife Telegrams

After creating the Stickman Murder Mystery Games, Paul Kinsella embarked on his first controversial website project - "" The concept is as follows: For a fee of $5.00 per word (5 word minimum), Customers can have telegrams delivered to people who have passed away. This is done with the help of terminally ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed away. This is called an "afterlife telegram". Proceeds from the sale of telegrams are donated to charity. As a result of this project, Kinsella has been interviewed on over 40 radio talk shows, has been published in many newspapers and magazines (including the Washington Post and Harpers Weekly). He has also appeared on a BBC TV program. While the website failed to generate profit from the selling of telegrams - it was very successful at generating a LOT of traffic! Still up and running. Still getting lots of traffic. Still annoying snotty church people. The 2 main entrance pages of the "Afterlife Telegrams" website are listed below:

Our Link Directory

Like most webmasters, Paul Kinsella created a links list of websites that he has discovered. The links list has grown so large that it has now become a site unto its self. Categories include "RPG Games", "Murder Mysteries", "Webmaster Help", "Orc Sites", "Stick Death", "Free Games" and many others! It is surprisingly popular for a links page. The main page and 3 of its more popular pages are listed below:

Funny Flash Cartoons

Paul Kinsella created this small collection of animated cartoons while learning flash. He is particularly fond of his flash cartoon titled "Wheels on the Bus". Links to the main page and 3 other pages of the "Funny Flash Cartoons" website are listed below:

Online Cemetery

The "Online Cemetery" was created as a tie-in to the "Afterlife Telegrams" website. At the "Online Cemetery", the dearly departed are symbolically placed into virtual cemetery plots by way of personal information and photographs provided online by their family and friends. Links to the splash page of the "Online Cemetery", as well as the cemetery its self, are listed below:

Orc Magazine

This website contains funny Orc-themed spoofs of real magazines such as "Playboy Magazine" and the "New Yorker". The "Orc Magazine" is split between two domains - "" contains erotic images and stories of sexy Orc women while "" contains all the non-erotic Orc content. Paul Kinsella had the following formula in mind when creating "Orc Magazine": Lord of the Rings + Roleplaying Games + Sexy Orc Women = Lots of Traffic! Links to main entrance pages and other popular Orc-themed pages are listed below:

Free Games Ring

"Free Games Ring" was started as a way to promote the Stickman Murder Mystery Games. To be added to the list, webmasters (with free games to play on their sites) need to add a small "Free Games Ring" banner to their home page. In so doing they help to bring traffic to each other's sites. Below is the main entrance page to the "Free Games Ring" followed by a link to the old entrance page:

Discount Dental Plans

One of several ways that Paul Kinsella generates revenue from his websites is through affiliate programs. He sells discount dental plans on the pages below that are cheap alternatives to dental insurance plans:

Poster Guessing Game

Paul Kinsella created this simple little game to help promote his various poster selling websites. Posters and photographs are partly painted over - try to guess the movie, person, animal etc... that is depicted!

Google Your Race

Paul Kinsella's used the Google search engine to make crude profiles of various races by entered the following phrases into Google's search engine: "white people are known for", "black people are known for", "Asian people are known for", etc... Next he recorded what came after the "are know for" in Google's search results. This controversial website has been a great source of traffic!

"" is Paul Kinsella's latest controversial website. He deliberately dropped 100 wallets in front of hidden camera to test honesty. How many were returned? Who was more honest - women or men? White or black people? Old or young? Click on the links below to find out:

Below are listed some of my notable, if somewhat unpopular, website pages:

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