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cool html codes, free dhtml codes
Cool HTML Codes

Below are cool html codes that can help you add some extra "Zing" to your website. These sites provide cool HTML codes are often called "DHTML". Most of these cool html codes come from the "Dynamic Drive" site. If you need additional webmaster help for webmasters, visit our main page.


DHTML Tutorial (learn to use dhtml)
Dynamic Drive (This is a 'MUST VISIT' if you have a website) (lots of free html codes)
Free Online DHTML (flash and javascript code generators)
Website Abstraction Help Forum (if you need help with your dhtml)

DHTML Websites and Forums:

Examples of Good DHTML Code:

Add Frame To Page (dhtml script)
Add To Favorets (dhtml script)
Dramatic 'In-your-face' Message (cool html codes)
Fancy Cursor (dhtml script)
Full Screen (free dhtml codes)
Full Screen For Real (dhtml script)
Jigsaw Puzzle (cool html codes)
Lightning (free dhtml script)
Make Home Page (cool html code)
Menus And Navigation Systems (free dhtml script)
Multible Splash Screen Effect (free dhtml script)
Opening Special Effects (dhtml script)
Popup Info Box II (cool html script)
Screen Resolution Detection (dhtml script)
Shake Image Effect (cool html codes)
Snowing Effect (free dhtml codes)
Tetris Game (cool html code)
Watching Eyes (free dhtml script)
Water Mark Image (html code)
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free dhtml, cool html codes

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