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Free online role playing murder mystery games #1 - "There has been a murder here in Stickville... We have a evidence at the scene, body at the morgue, crime scene photos, a witness, two suspects and a partridge in a pear tree... the witness and two suspects are waiting in the conference rooms but I suggest you visit the crime scene and morgue first... however you can investigate your unsolved murder cases any way you want. My best guess in that this crime is the result of violent stick people fighting or stick figure fighting." (Click the buttons above to play this and other free online games and interactive cartoon games that contain: web-based free rpg games, advice about how to write murder mysteries, funny stick death cartoon games and other free online games to play online. If you know of any other murder mystery games or online rpg like the stick figure murder mysteries, please submit the URL by email so that we can expand our link page of free online games, role playing games, online mystery kid games, stick death and browser based murder mysteries. We are also interested in free online games, murder cases and non-yahoo games too!)

Free online role playing murder mystery games #2 - "A death in Stickville appears to be the result of a drunken driver crashing his car into the river and drowning... the coroner has ear-marked this case as 'unusual' so I'm giving it to you to investigate... Look for clues at the morgue and at the crash site... report back to the Chief after you determine whether or not it was an accident." (Click the buttons above to play this free online game or one of our other violent Stickman Murder Mystery Games that are interactive cartoon network games and online role playing games. We also have a links page with other free online games you might like. Also free murder mystery kid games, funny stick death animation and cartoon games. This is the place for free online games to play for free rpg and online role playing games for kids. In our violent video games you get to be a detective in one of five murder cases and mystery kid games. If you see any free rpg sites like ours - please clue us in and join the murder mystery party or you can host a murder mystery kung-fu stick death free online games instead of just role playing games.)

Free online role playing murder mystery games #3 - "I have a murder case for you to solve... the murder, apparently, occurred six years ago, but the body has only just now been discovered. The corpse of a sixteen-year-old male by the name of 'Billy Grump' was found at the Stickville dump early this morning by two boys. Look for clues at the morgue, the dump and the victim's old room. I suggest talking with the parents first, however this is your case so you can do as you please.... Report back to the Chief when you have solved the crime.... Get cracking, Detective!" (Click the buttons above to play an interactive cartoon network games, rpg's and online role playing games where stick men fight to death. To play free online games, rpg's like these online role playing games visit our free links page. We are always looking for other stick death sites, free online role playing game sites, interactive unsolved murder cases and mystery party game sites, free how to host a murder mystery dinner party sites with stick death rpg games. If you know of any good free online games that are web based game sites, email us. If you solve one of the cartoon games/murder cases you get to be put into the 'detective hall of fame'. You can join or host a murder cases she wrote mystery party if you want. We are also looking for kung-fu stick death murder mysteries.)

Free online role playing murder mystery games #4 - "There has been a death here in Stickville. A woman named Dolly Thump, who was reported missing a couple weeks ago, was found dead in a burned building earlier today. Her body was so badly damaged by the fire that it would have been unrecognizable if not for dental records. At this point it is not certain if this is a case of murder or accidental death. However the fire department has labeled the fire as 'Highly Suspect' so there is a good chance that it's arson." (Click the buttons above to play this and other cartoon games for kids that can be described as: free online rpg's, free online role playing games, unsolved stick death murder mysteries where you need to be a detective in interactive cartoon network games. Be a detective sleuth like in murder mystery books! Try solving interactive online murder cases and our rpg similar to free yahoo games.)

Free online role playing murder mystery games #5 - "Listen up, stick people! There has been a death in Stickville. This time it's one of your own. Shortly after sunrise - Stickville patrolman Ken Kunark was struck and killed by a sixteen wheeler on a side road near highway 55 (not far from Stickville Park). It is suspected, but not confirmed, that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident. If this is true, then we have a good chance of bring the driver up on charges of vehicular manslaughter." (Click the links above to play online role playing detective games for free. This and other interactive cartoon games and online role playing games with stick death. Our adventure games links page has other murder cases and mass murder mysteries to play online for free that are free online games, interactive cartoon network games. With 5 role playing games that involve stick death murder cases and mass murder mystery weekends. So play the interactive Stickman Murder Mystery Games that are interactive cartoon games. You can also investigate unsolved murder cases or create your own free online games.)

Stick Death Links Page - A new and strange art form has emerged in the last few years called 'Stick Death'. Stick death comes in many different forms. There are stick death movies, stick death games, stick death animation and even stick death theatre drama. Stick death (also called 'stick figures death' or 'stick people death') is created mostly by amateur cartoonists who draw stick people animation of stick figure fighting and suffering horrible, but funny, deaths. An extreme example is the stick figure fighting game. Email us if you have any extreme stick death sites, free yahoo games or free online murder mystery games to share. We are also interested in any links to free online games you know of.

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