There have been many strange subcultures to have spawned with the help of the Internet. Perhaps one of the strangest is the phenomena of the "Stick Death" and "Stick Figure Fighting" subculture.

Also know as "stick-figure death", "stickman death" and "stick-man death" - this subculture is devoted to the multimedia art form of the same name.

What is Stick Death? - Stick death is any piece of artwork involving the simulated death of crudely drawn humanoids known as stick-men.

What kinds of Stick Death are there? - There are 3 major types:

1) Stick Death Animation - Short movies created using every thing from paper flip books to advanced Flash MX programing tools. Typically the animation is less than 20 seconds long, leaving little room for plot. During the course of the stick death animation something terrible happens to the stick figure that results in his gruesome, but often humorous, death. They can be animations made with pencil and paper called 'flip books' or 'flip animation' which has been around for many years. But more often stick death animation is created using computer programs such as Flash MX and Java Script. Also more 'primitive' programs can be used, such as GIF or HTML codes. Also referred to as stick figure fighting, stick death theater and stick death theature - depending on how bad you spell.

2) Stick Death Games - Board games and computer games with crudely draw stickmen elements. In the games, stick figures are killed or have been killed. A good example of a stick death game would be the Stickman Murder Mystery Games. In the game you play the part of a homicide detective in the town of 'Stickville'. The murder of a stick figure takes place and it is your job to catch the killer and avenge his kung-fu stick death. Also referred to as stick death theatre games or stick figure fighting games.

3) Stick Death Comics - Non-animated, non-flash stick death illustrations drawn inside panels, placed sequentially, to illustrate a plot (such as two stick figure fighting). Crudely drawn paintings with stick death can also be put into this category as can non-sequential, single panel cartoons.

These are the major types of stick death art. However stick death art can also take the form of sculpture or holographic imagery. But these are extremely rare examples of stick death. Mostly stick death takes the form of funny flash animation. For examples of funny flash cartoons, click the "funny flash cartoons" button below. See my friend's scam baiting website too.

Links to stick death sites with stick death games and stick death animation :