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This is the links page of the Stickman Murder Mysteries. Over the years we have collected many fun, interesting and helpful links. We have separated those links into five main categories:

1) Reciprocal Links - We try to link back to webmasters who have been nice enough to link to our site with online role playing games. If you know of a site that is already linked to "" but is not listed in one of  our reciprocal links sections, please email us the URL {webmaster(at)} and we will add it next time we update. We are particularly interested in getting reciprocal links from sites with free role playing games and online role playing games that are free to play online. The reciprocal links category is broken up into these smaller sections:
   "Free Games" (With free online role playing games and free role playing rpg games. Not yahoo games.)
   "Murder mystery sites" (With both real mystery sites and role playing games with mystery themes.) 
   "Other Reciprocal Links" (With reciprocal links that are not from online role playing games or online mystery games.)
   "Cartoons and humor" (Funny sites linked to our funny online role playing cartoon games.)

2) Fun Games - We have run into a lot of interesting, fun and challenging free games to play online over the years. Here we have them listed in three categories:
   "Free Online Role Playing Games" (Online role playing games that are free to play online.)
   "Browser-Based RPG Games" (Role playing rpg games you play on your browser with no downloading required.)
   "Fun Games" (Interesting websites with free arcade games, free rpg games, free video games and free computer games.) 
On our links page you can find all sorts of free online adventure games. We have free arcade games such as asteroids, pac-man and space invaders. We also have links to role playing games and murder mystery games similar to the Stickman Murder Mysteries. You will also be able to find free online kid games and free online role playing games like "Dungeons & Dragons". There are also several game directories that list hundreds of free online role playing games and rpg games to play online for free.

3) Murder Mysteries - During the creation of our own murder mystery games, we have run across several other good role playing games with murder mystery orc themes. Some are sites about companies that produce murder mystery party rpgs and others are about role playing mystery games. Some of the others are sites about mystery books, movies or orcs . There are a few "Law and Order" and "interactive fiction" websites listed as well. Many of the role playing games that are about murder mysteries are reciprocally linked to the free online role playing games called the Stickman Murder Mystery games.

4) Interesting Links - This category lists sites that are interesting. There are ten sections to the 'Interesting Links' category:
   "Free Games" (Mostly free games to play online, but also some free online role playing games and free arcade games.  
   "Cartoons & Humor" (Links to funny cartoons such as, Joe Cartoon and sites with Jab Cartoons.)
   "Helpful & Neat" (Sites that are very cool and lean toward the useful.)
   "Strange & Cool" (Sites that are just plain odd. Such as orc porn.) 
   "Potentially Offensive" (The name says it all. You have been warned!) 
   "Poster Sites" (Cheap Posters, art posters, star wars posters, wanted posters, art posters for role playing games and online role playing games!)
   "Stick Death" (Sites with animations of stick-figures and stick orcs being killed humorously and stick death role playing games.)
   "Funny Flash Cartoons" (Sites with funny animation made with Flash and free online flash role playing games too.)
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5) Webmaster Help - We have found the sites listed in this section to be of great help to us. The sites listed in the section on "Search engine optimization" where of particular help. You can also find links to sites about DHTML and website building in general. We also have a section to specifically help other webmasters of sites with murder mystery and free role playing games.
We hope you like our free online role playing games and murder mystery rpg games. Click to see our new free rpg games list page and a new article page about rpg games. We also have an updated page about free online adventure games and free online role playing games.

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